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Robotic Lawn Mowers

Auto Lawn Care are dedicated to supply the freedom from the chores of lawn mowing. maybe you're not a gardener or have little time, we can offer the very best in Remote Control Lawn Mowers. Imagine sitting on the patio watching your Robotic Lawn Mower take the strain out of lawn care, utilising the fabulous Robomow and Ambrogio products.

Why buy from

Our core values of honesty, quality and non profit related advice ensure you'll get the right robotic lawn mower. Also, we have an exclusive offer - Buy your automatic lawn mower and installation together, we'll discount your Installation by 20%, we think that's a great deal!

When it comes to automatic lawn mowers, we know the market and the machines designed to make your life easier. Knowing robotic lawn mowers also allows us to diagnose problems if they should occur for your peace of mind.

Which Robotic Lawn Mower is best for me?


Robomow UK are one of the most exciting range of Remote, or Automatic Lawn Mowers on the market today. With a full range available, Auto Lawn Care have centered their product range around Robomow. So whether you have only a small patch of lawn, or a substantial garden, we have the right Robotic Lawn Mower for you.


Ambrogio have been producing automatic lawn mowers for over 20 years and is considered one of the most reliable range of robotic lawn mowers in Europe. Auto Lawn Care are proud to annoce that we are one of the first stockists in the UK.

A very attractive looking Automatic Lawn Mower range, along with being one of the most reliable, Auto Lawn Care are currntly adding Ambrogio to our portfolio and look forward to being able to show them off to new and potential customers.

Robotic lawn mower cost?

Our range of domestic automatic lawn mowers starts from just £499 which would suit a lawn of up to 150m2 and goes all the way up to lawn sizes of 7000m2 for a price of £3499.

We can also supply commercial robot mowers in the UK for lawns in excess of 20000 m2, please call for details.

Remember, if you employ a gardener, that's one less job they have to worry about giving them time to concentrate on other tasks.

Consider the cost of a petrol mower, fuel, servicing and repairs and the constant wear of motorised parts and the cost of automatic lawn mowers look even more appealing.

The best robot lawn mower in the UK?

So, what are the best automatic lawn mowers in the UK? Well, I think you know where we're likely to go on this one. We love the Robomow range because of it's simplicity, backup, controllability and most of all price. You will also notice we've started retailing Ambrogio automatic lawn mowers, some of which do not require installation. Made in Italy, these robotic lawn mowers are beginning to challenge the might of Robomow in the UK, so we've included them in our range to give you more choice.

Customer care

Auto Lawn Care serve both the UK and now Ireland. In the UK we're based in the Berkshire area, in Ireland we are centered around Co. Wexford. All areas have the very best in after sales service supplied directly by our suppliers giving you peace of mind.

We're able to provide the very best in Automated Lawn Mowers in the UK, we have trained and certified installers ready to give you the freedon to enjoy your lawned areas without the hassle and effort of maintaining them. Why not give us a call or contact us HERE

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I have had first hand experience with two of these robotic lawn mowers in my garden until I moved to the UK. They win over any other grass cutters, hands down! Now I'm back to my 3/4 acre gardens and am having...More

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