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Ann Schmitt

I have had first hand experience with two of these robotic lawn mowers in my garden until I moved to the UK. They win over any other grass cutters, hands down! Now I'm back to my 3/4 acre gardens and am having two robot mowers installed in a few weeks, just in time for the grass growing season. While being busy with family, work, dog care, house chores, etc these mowers will cut my grass as often as I want, during any kind of weather, night or day and find their own way back to their docking station. Just imagine relaxing in the sunshine watching your robot doing all the work!! I can! The beuaty about them is the fact that they are environmentally friendly (no diesel/fuel) as they run on a charged battery and they feed and fertilise your grass with the clippings that have been cut, improving the quality of your grass. They are safe to use and like any other machinery that is maintained will last many years. When the grass cutting season is over just give the mower a clean and store it indoors in a shed/garage. I wouldn't hestitate to recommend them - you will get your money back in no time.